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Moving Your Piano?

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30,000+ Piano Moves

We're highly experienced in all types of piano moving

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We provide piano moving quotes 7 days a week

Quick Response

Insured for FULL Value

We carry the highest possible accidental insurance, specific to pianos, for it's full value  (learn more)

Local & Nationwide

Piano moving in northern California as well as nationwide

Truck & Trailer

Tandem torsion axles designed for your piano's smooth ride & with a 4WD Truck & Trailer, we can get in & out of tight spaces

Highly Trusted

Many of our clients have been long time customers & continue to trust AAA Piano for all their piano service needs.  (check out some of our reviews online)

Free Quotes for Piano Moving

As Easy As 1-2-3


Let us know if your move is for a grand piano or an upright piano and the length & height  (need help determining type & size?)  


Let us know the number of steps to go up or down at either location & possible tight turns in the piano moving route

(know how to count steps like a piano mover?)


Let us know the city and addresses at both the pickup and drop off locations of the piano

Common Piano Moving questions:

How much does it cost to move a piano?

The cost to move a piano is based on the type and size of a piano, as well as the amount of steps to go up or down and the total distance the piano will be moved.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, we carry the highest amount of insurance possible which covers the absolute FULL value of your piano and any possible damage to your home.  Unfortunately, most movers only carry the minimum amount of insurance required by the Public Utilities Commissioner, which is $.60 cents/pound and could never cover the replacement of your instrument in the unlikely event of a complete loss.  Although we've never had to use our insurance in all the years we've been in business, we still carry high value policies to be prepared to cover the FULL value cost of any type and size piano, at any cost.  Your piano and your home are completely covered while in our care, from start to finish.

How much experience do you have?

Collectively, the team at AAA Piano has performed over 30,000 piano moves since we opened in the late 60's.  Our process has changed over the years and we continue to stay in a space of constant growth and learning, as every piano and every piano move is not exactly the same.  Piano moving is an art and there are so many things to consider during the process of each move.  Although many people say that we make it look easy, we are constantly aware of our surroundings and the condition of each piano and it's over 12,000 parts.  Not only are we piano movers, we are also piano technicians and piano refinishers, which gives us an understanding of the instrument we may not have otherwise.  All of our equipment has been designed, modified and customized by us, based on our experience, to promote best moving practices.  We've also custom designed each of our trucks & trailers to accommodate the absolute smoothest ride for your piano.  

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