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Piano Hoisting with Crane Service

We often move pianos with a crane

Piano moving can be tricky when dealing with tight corners, flights & flights of stairs, new construction or simply just no possible these cases, we often move pianos with crane service.  

Here in the Sacramento area and in many other parts of Northern California, we offer piano hoisting with crane service, when the situation calls for it.  On average, we do a piano crane move at least once a month and we are very skilled and experienced with the process of piano moving via crane.

In this video, our customer had a piano in his living room that he wanted in an upstairs area of the home where there was no other way in than a crane.  The tight turn in the stairway didn't allow for a traditional piano move and he almost gave up on the idea until we offered another way in: move the piano with a crane!  And so it happened...and in place of the piano in his living room, we moved his grand piano out of piano storage and into his living room, taking up the adjacent space where the upright piano hoisted by the crane lived at one time...

Whether it's an upright piano or a grand piano, we are piano movers with crane service available. Call us for a quote or with any questions at all: 916-397-7426

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