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4 Questions You Should Ask A Piano Mover | Piano Moving Made Easy - part 2

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Piano Mover:

1. How Long & How Often Have You Been Moving Pianos?

2. What Type Of Insurance Do You Carry?

3. Are You Also A Piano Technician Or Just A Piano Mover?

4. Where Can I See Reviews For Your Piano Moving Service?

1. How Long & How Often Have You Been Moving Pianos?

How long have you been moving pianos?

While this is a very important question, an even better question might be, "how often do you move pianos?" An, "all the time" answer should not be sufficient for you...

It is very important that you, as the piano owner, know who and at what level of skill you are dealing with when it comes to piano moving. Many furniture movers will say, "we move pianos all the time!" However, "all the time" to them may mean 20-30 pianos a year, while piano movers may be moving 500 or more pianos a year. It's simply a fact that there will be a huge difference in skill and experience. If you have a furniture mover who moves 20-30 pianos a year, they will more than likely not know all the little quirks of the different styles and brands, which in some cases could mean the difference between a damaged piano and not. At AAA Piano, a huge part of our business is piano repair, and we often get calls from piano owners who had used a furniture mover or a bad piano mover and their piano now needs major repair.

2. What Type Of Insurance Do You Carry?

In our state of California, most movers that we know of, whether they are piano movers or furniture movers, only carry the insurance that is required by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), which reimburses you at a rate of $.60 cents per pound. Unfortunately, this kind of coverage would only cover a small portion of most major repairs. At AAA Piano, we do a lot of piano repairs for other movers who often damage pianos and most of the time, the piano owner is the one who ends up paying for most of the piano repair costs. At AAA Piano, we carry multiple insurance policies, which cover your piano's full value, no matter if we're moving or storing your piano. If your piano is in our care, your piano is fully covered. In the possible event of damage caused by us while in our care, your piano would be covered for it's full value and nothing less. That's a huge deal and very important to consider when choosing a piano mover. But, what's even more important is choosing a piano moving company who has an enormous amount of piano moving experience and skill. A testament to our experience would be the fact that in all the years we have been providing piano service, we have never needed to use our insurance. But even with our amazing track record, we still find it highly valuable to carry the best insurance to give everyone peace of mind. Don't be caught in the terrible situation where you use a bad mover and end up having to move your piano to a repair shop and then move it again back to your home, all on your dime. Get it done right the first time.

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3. Are You Also A Piano Technician or Just A Piano Mover?

Most piano movers in the Sacramento area are not piano technicians. There are many intricate parts on a piano and as a piano technician, we have a different view of the pianos we move than a normal mover would have, which provides the opportunity for complete piano service. We often get called by homeowners who have had their piano moved by a regular mover and an issue begins to occur with the playability and total function of the piano. At that point, hiring a piano technician to asses and fix any issues would be ideal. Using AAA Piano as a piano mover has it's advantages, as we not only have over 4 decades of experience, we are also piano technicians and piano tuners as well. We would suggest, no matter where you live, hiring a piano mover who is also a piano technician, if at all possible.

4. Where Can I See Reviews For Your Piano Moving Service?

We believe that reviews and testimonials are very important to choosing a good piano mover. Piano moving is a trade that takes a lot of experience and skill and you deserve to have a successful move and a positive experience. You're paying for it! Read up. Do a little homework on who you're dealing with.

Check out AAA Piano's reviews here:

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Michael Greaves
Michael Greaves
Dec 26, 2023

Moving a piano is a daunting task, but Movers East York company made it a breeze! From the moment they arrived to the final placement of my piano in the new space, everything was handled with precision and expertise.

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