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How Often Should I Get My Piano Serviced & Tuned?

Your piano has many materials that will expand and contract due to heat, cold and other climate factors, like humidity.  Some of these materials in and on pianos include multiple types of wood, metals, felts and cast iron that are greatly affected by major swings in hot and cold or wet and dry conditions, which will affect the piano's touch response, pitch and tone.  

So, how often should I tune my piano? We recommend that you have your piano tuned, at minimum, once per year.  This will ensure stability in the strings and tuning pins and if played often or intensively, we would recommend piano tuning every six months.  At the time of tuning, we will note any servicing suggestions, like voicing and regulation, or any repairs that could be done at an additional cost.

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As well, if you have purchased a new piano or have just had your piano re-strung, your piano's strings will tend to stretch at a more rapid rate, causing the pitch of your piano to fluctuate.  In this case, we would recommend that you have your piano tuned 2 to 3 times within the year to keep your piano tuning at the correct pitch and to create a more stable tuning condition for your piano, overall. 

Regular piano service and tuning is ideal to avoid any major costly repairs in the future. AAA Piano, Serving Sacramento and many areas of Northern California.

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