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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Interview with David Taylor

We recently spent some time with David Taylor, who is an amazing piano and voice instructor in Sacramento, and we were privileged to get some useful info that we'd love to share with you, regarding David Taylor and his team at Sacramento Musicians Collective.  

David is a composer, Pianist, Musical Director & Educator.

Q&A With AAA Piano & David Taylor:

(Joel @ AAA Piano) "How long have you been a music instructor and what do you teach?" 

(David Taylor) "I've been teaching music for the past 7 years. I started teaching in Placerville, and have since moved to Sacramento. I teach classical piano and also Voice (jazz, pop, rock, and musical theatre). In addition to my private studio, I also work as a musical director for theatre. I've MD'd for Granite Bay High School, El Dorado High School, Capital Stage, Sacramento Theatre Company, Green Valley Theatre, and Missouri Street Theatre." 

(Joel @ AAA Piano) "Who is your ideal student?" (David Taylor) "My ideal student is passionate about learning. My students who succeed the most are the students who practice every day, come to class with questions about their material and find the joy in practicing technique. Since I'm also a professional performer, I have many students who aspire to be professional actors, singers, and musicians." 

(Joel @ AAA Piano) "What are some things you’d like to highlight about your studio?" (David Taylor) "My studio is called the Sacramento Musicians Collective. We're a group of professional musicians who also teach. I co-founded the organization with Jessica Luna, who teaches violin and bass. It's really great to offer different instruments in one location."

(Joel @ AAA Piano) "Where are you located and how can we get ahold of you?" (David Taylor) "I'm located at 5025 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819. The best way to get ahold of me is through my website, You can contact me directly through the website. Thank You."

(Joel @ AAA Piano) "Thank you for hanging with us today and we look forward to seeing your continued support to the local music arts in the Sacramento Area!"

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