Can I Lie About Tuning


Lie About Tuning?

That sounds like a loaded question, full of even more questions.  But really, why would anyone lie about their piano being tuned? 

  • Lying to a piano technician about how often your piano has been tuned is often times related to lying to your dentist about how often you floss your teeth

  • Once a dentist or piano technician takes a look at their patient, or piano, the truth is revealed

My name is Joel Lane and here at AAA Piano, our goal is to offer piano education so that you may have a great experience when purchasing or selling a piano.  If you have a question of your own, please let us know by filling out the contact form on our website, or give us a call directly.

Regular Tuning Is Important 

Piano strings are constantly under an enormous amount of tension and while there are plenty of environmental reasons that make a piano change it's rate of tension, there is also the factor of the elasticity of the strings, which will allow for continual stretching as time marches on.

Tuning your piano regularly creates an environment for the piano and the strings that will allow for tuning stability.  Consistent piano tuning will often give the tuning pins a better environment for holding it's rotational force in the pin block.  Consistent tuning will also give the strings a chance to work out most of the elasticity through being stretched during the tuning process.

Once a piano and strings are stable at pitch, the piano will stay in tune longer, and over time will often go out of tune at a more consistent rate with the rest of the strings in the piano, making it difficult to hear that the piano is actually out of tune.

The value of the piano also increases when a piano has been tuned regularly because there would be less work to get the piano tuning stable, than a piano that has only been tuned a couple of times (or never).

"Can I Lie About My Piano's Tuning Record & Get Away With It?"

In the video, I reference a question from one of our customers.  They ask, "Can I Lie About My Piano's Tuning Record & Get Away With It?"  This particular question came from one of our customers who had recently purchased a piano and then realized that the seller wasn't being very honest about the piano's tuning record.  He was told that the piano had been tuned regularly ("about once every year").  

image_6483441 (13) copy.JPG

When a piano has been tuned regularly, it should be pretty close to being stable at pitch.  This piano took quite a few  tunings to become stable, which tells us a lot.  It also tells us that the buyer was given false information about how often the piano had been tuned.  We suggest being honest to the best of your knowledge.  If a piano hasn't been tuned in awhile, that doesn't mean all is lost.  It's just simply best to be honest so that the person purchasing the piano can know how much work may be involved and if that's something they would like to take on.  If it has been awhile since the last piano tuning, we suggest that you have the piano tuned.  At that time, we would be able to tell if there are any major issues that need to be addressed.  Also, we offer piano assessments which gives both parties peace of mind.  Give us a call directly to discuss your piano.

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